When air conditioning systems were first introduced, the output settings were measured in "Ice Power" - in other words, how many blocks of ice it would take to produce the same amount of cooling power. Now we call them air conditioning or "AC" units.


That Wilhite Supply Co. is a proud wholesale distributor of Haier Ductless HVAC products!

Whether your looking to keep warm through the winter or stay cool in the summer Haier Ductless HVAC products offer affordable solutions to stay comfortable in your home. Haier Ductless HVAC products are not only built with comfort in mind, but just as the technology in your smart phone advances year over year, the technology behind the Haier Ductless HVAC products do as well. From reduced noise levels that quiet your air conditioning down to a whisper, to technology that enables you to have different temperature levels in separate rooms of your home.

Haier Ductless HVAC is consistently innovating, check out how here.